Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Two Magnificent Jane Austen Show and Tell Quilts

Two of my students each brought a completed Jane Austen quilt to show me today.

The first one is "Longbourne" by Janine.

Janine completely made and quilted her quilt herself.  She has done a superb job! Just look at how beautiful it is in its soft colours:

Here you can see the detail of little heart motifs Janine has quilted between her elongated and square border.  She used a stencil to draw them on and then quilted them. Gorgeous!!

Next this is Gaye's "Pemberley"! Wow, it is also fabulous! Here is Gaye with her quilt, justifiably very proud of it. Gaye's quilt was beautifully quilted by Sharon French of Morning Star Quilting, located at Bateau Bay, New South Wales.

Look at the amazing detail in the quilting.  I love the swirls around the pot corners.

Here you can see a little bird quilted on the left singing and a beautiful feather!

Congratulations ladies on two of the most amazing quilts I have seen! Thank you for all your support of my classes.

Katrina x

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