Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tuesday Show and Tell

Hi everyone,

While I had my new "Hunsford" to show and tell, some of my students had some of their own work to show me.

First up is Leanne who brought in her completed "Netherfield" quilt top.  Leanne always makes the "pretty" version of my quilt designs and this is no exception in its colour scheme of soft blue, pink, grey and red.  Wow, it is beautiful....  Leanne has her own long arm quilting machine so I look forward to seeing it quilted.

Then Leanne showed her lovely centre for "Florentine" - what did I tell you?  A "pretty" version of my quilt.

We discovered Robyn is at the same point with her "Florentine" in shades to teal, brown, red and green.  Same but different!

Here are the two side by side - what a difference the colour makes!

In afternoon class, here is Sharon's completed applique centre of "Rosings" - it packs a punch with that stunning orange and green on a black background (and I love the purple!)

Well done, ladies!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Last Stitch

It is always a great feeling when you sew the final stitch in a project you have been working on for a while.

Today I am sewing my label on to my completed "Hunsford".  It is constantly pouring with rain outside (which we need) but it is lovely to be cosy inside sewing.

Yay!  All done!

Denise's "Rosings" and More Books on Jane Austen

Denise brought her very nearly, almost finished "Rosings" in to show me today.  She just has to sew the final blue border on.

She is the very first to finish.  This quilt was only started in February this year so she has done lots of work since then.  Look at all that applique on the centre blue background.

It looks really stunning.  Congratulations Denise!

I was delighted to receive two new books that I ordered by Susannah Fullerton all about my hero, Jane Austen.

The first is called "A Dance with Jane Austen" and covers all aspects of attending a ball in Jane Austen's time.

The second is "Celebrating 200 years of Pride and Prejudice" because this year marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of this fabulous novel which is still the most wonderful read.  It is just as fresh as when it was written.

I fondly remember attending lectures with my mother by Susannah Fullerton  on Jane Austen when I was a teenager.  We used to travel into the city of Sydney on a Friday night to hear her.  She was always so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Susannah is the preeminent expert on Jane Austen and the current President of the Jane Austen Society in Australia.

Thank you Susannah, I look forward to reading your beautiful books.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Janine's "Netherfield"

Congratulations, Janine, on a most beautiful quilt!

Janine brought her completed "Netherfield" in to show and tell today.

Janine made this in class last year (or the year before?) and has just finished the binding.

Janine has Veronica machine baste the three layers of her large quilts together for her.

Janine then machine quilts them on her domestic sewing machine.  She has done a fabulous job of the quilting.  It is a very large quilt and lots of work.

Wow, I love it!  The colours are so soft in shades of pink, green and grey with the dramatic addition of the black.


Wonderful Applique on "Rosings"

We had our final class for the third group of ladies who started making "Rosings" early this year.

Here are some of the results so far...

The first is Chris' magnificent version.  She reckons I pulled a face when she told me she was making it in Japanese fabrics - I don't remember that!   But look at her fabulous quilt.

The following are some of Chris' octagon flowers.  The first one is my favourite.



The next is Janine's very "autumnal" quilt centre in rich shades of gold and orange on a green background.  Fabulous!

The next one is Jan's with blues and pinks on a chocolate background.

Here are Jan's lovely octagons. 

We are still having some lovely autumn days.  Here is a photo of the small liquid amber tree that greets me each morning as I drive out of my driveway.

And here are the pansies that greet me at my front door when I return after work.  I think they look like little faces looking up at me.  Pansies always remind me of my mother. She has grown pansies every single year for as long as I can remember.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Delightful "Pemberley" Class

I had a lovely day at Pioneer Patchwork today teaching the fourth and last workshop of "Pemberley" to a group of lovely ladies.  Everyone got on so well we were very sad that the group had to break up.

Here are some updates on the ladies quilts:

The first belongs to Bronwyn.  Her colours are lovely in blue and pink and red and brown.  Then there is a close up.

Here is Kerry's.  She loves green and her colours look especially Federation/heritage.  It is beautiful.

And a close up:

This one belongs to Leonie.  Her colours are particularly soft and muted in shades of soft mauve, sand, blue and dusty pink.  Gorgeous!  We laughed because Leonie says she does not read the instructions but she still managed to mitre that short dresden border.  Well done!

And several close ups:

This is Birgit's centre.  This is also very beautiful with its delicate scallops and lovely flowers.

And a final close up:

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  

Thanks you ladies for a great class - see you all again soon.

Katrina x

Friday, 17 May 2013

More Photos from Beautiful Bath

Helen Bertram of Whitecroft Traditional Tours has been having a great time making plans for our 2015 Jane Austen tour.

I am happy to share some more photos with you which she has sent me today.

Here are the welcoming flowers in the lobby of the Bath Spa Hotel where we will be staying... beautiful!


Here is a glimpse of some more gorgeous Bath architecture.

Here is a gorgeous front door... I just want to walk in.

This photo was taken near Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. Wow!

This chemist shop has been in operation since 1826.

Thank you for the great photos, Helen.  Just a bit excited!  Have to wait two years though.

My lovely student and friend, Glenda, presented me with this delightful "Jane Austen Journal" to write in when I am touring.  I love it...  Thanks Glenda.

"Hunsford" is Finished!

I received my "Hunsford" quilt back from Veronica today - all quilted!

I am very thrilled with it.  I think it looks classic and dramatic.  It is named after the small parsonage on the estate of Rosings Park in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice": the home of Mr Collins and then Charlotte Lucas after they marry.

Veronica was concerned the quilting did not show on the busy background I used but take a look at the following photographs and you will see that the quilting shows up beautifully when the quilt is hung.

As this is my Darling Harbour quilt entry in the 2013 Quilters' Guild of NSW Show, I have not included a photo of the whole quilt.  You will just have to wait a bit longer....

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Thanks V, I love it!