Friday, 17 May 2013

More Photos from Beautiful Bath

Helen Bertram of Whitecroft Traditional Tours has been having a great time making plans for our 2015 Jane Austen tour.

I am happy to share some more photos with you which she has sent me today.

Here are the welcoming flowers in the lobby of the Bath Spa Hotel where we will be staying... beautiful!


Here is a glimpse of some more gorgeous Bath architecture.

Here is a gorgeous front door... I just want to walk in.

This photo was taken near Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. Wow!

This chemist shop has been in operation since 1826.

Thank you for the great photos, Helen.  Just a bit excited!  Have to wait two years though.

My lovely student and friend, Glenda, presented me with this delightful "Jane Austen Journal" to write in when I am touring.  I love it...  Thanks Glenda.


  1. You will be walking on air from beginning to end....and I know it!!! Hugs xxxx

  2. Wow! So Jane Austen! So beautiful!