Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Longbourne" Hexagons

Some of the girls in my classes have become experts at "fussy cutting"!

Take a look at the amazing results when some sumptuous fabrics are cut up and reassembled into the elongated hexagon/square frames and "baby" hexagons for "Longbourne" borders.

These have been made by Pauline from her collection of William Morris fabrics:

And for something completely different here are Natalie's "Bollywood" hexagons and frames:

Another "Spikes and Specks" Finished

Diane's Beautiful Quilt

Another very busy girl has finished her gorgeous "Spikes and Specks" quilt.  

Diane has a great collection of reproduction fabrics which she has used to great effect in her quilt.  She is the self-confessed "over achiever" who just works on one quilt at a time until she finishes it! 

Wow, it looks fabulous, quilted by Veronica Appleyard in an all over baptist fan pattern.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Classes for 2013

List of Classes for 2013

Jane Austen Finishing School at Pioneer Patchwork
(only available to those who have attended classes for one of the Jane Austen Collection quilts in the past)

A few places left to work on "Pemberley", "Netherfield" or "Longbourne":

Thursday 10 January 2013
Saturday 12 January
Thursday 17 January
Saturday 19 January

"Pemberley" Classes:

 Pioneer Patchwork, Narellan 02 4647 3555

Saturday 16 February, 16 March, 20 April and 18 May

Tuesday 4 June, 2 July, 13 August, 10 September

Lyn's Fine Needlework, Baulkham Hills  02 9688 6725

Saturday 2 February, 2 March, 6 April, 4 May and 1 June

"Longbourne" Classes

Carolyn's Quilting Room, Wodonga 02 6059 1702

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 February

"Rosings" Classes

Quiltsmith, Annandale 02 9550 4947

Monday, 4 February, 4 March, 6 May and 3 June

Pioneer Patchwork, Narellan 02 4647 3555

Tuesday, 12 February, 12 March, 9 April and 7 May

Tuesday 26 February, 26 March, 23 April and 21 May

Saturday, 9 February, 9 March, 13 April and 11 May

Saturday, 8 June, 10 August, 14 September and 12 October

"Whack and Stack" Stars (or Millefiori or Fandango) Classes

Above is a detail of the Whack and Stack Le Moyne Star blocks.

Below is my first Whack and Stack quilt called "Millefiori" which is made by cutting 6 identical 60 degree triangles to form hexagon shaped blocks.

Below is my quilt called "Fandango" - quarter circles are cut from a stack of fabric and the points are paper foundation pieced.

This class is great fun - you have a choice to make any of the three quilts.

Pioneer Patchwork, Narellan 02 4647 3555

Tuesday 18 June and 27 August

Saturday 15 June and 17 August

I am also teaching in Adelaide at the South Australian Guild's Quilt Encounter in July 2013 and at the Illawarra Quilters' Away at Stanwell Tops in November, 2013.

More details to come.

"Longbourne" at Lyn's

Lovely Class at Lyn's Fine Needlework

We had a lovely relaxing day at Lyn's today working on the hexagon and square frame border for "Longbourne".

Here are the centres so far:

This one belongs to Pat.  She loves greens and purples.

This one is Lesley's.  She is connecting her hexagons by hand and doing the applique on the machine for speed.  She says she used to make all her quilts in bright colours until she met me:

This one is being made by Drew.  She has not done much applique before and is very pleased with her results.  Drew has used clear colours and beautiful pink borders:

It is amazing how different the same design looks in different colours!


Katrina x

Compass Points to Quiltsmith

"The Way Ahead"

The girls at Quiltsmith have been working hard on their versions of my compass quilt called "The Way Ahead".

I can reveal that I am working on a new compass quilt with larger compass blocks in gorgeous shades of teal, pink, burgundy, green, gold and brown.  I promise to show you a sneak peek soon....

Dana and Mary at Quiltsmith combined forces for a joint effort.  They are each making another one individually in different colours: a monochrome blue version and a black and white version.

Here is their colourful version laid out on the carpet ready to be joined:

Here are Leonie's compass blocks made in beautiful batiks:

Well done girls.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jean's "Spikes and Specks"

Fabulous "Spikes and Specks"

Jean has been working very hard on her "Spikes and Specks" quilt.  She said she did not think she would ever finish it, but I helped her put the final borders on yesterday(with mitred corners of course).

The finished quilt is magnificent!

Cngratulations Jean!

Pioneer Patchwork Tuesday Class

Lots of Progress on Gorgeous Quilts

The girls in my Tuesday workshop class have been working hard on lots of different quilts I have designed over the past few years.

Here are Barbara's blocks from her "Bloomin' Logs" quilt, all laid out on the floor.  They look stunning in red, brown and grey:

This is one of her block sets with the applique in place - Wow!

Here Karen is holding up one of her beautiful blocks from her "Sakura" quilt-as-you-go:

This is Sally's glorious "Pemberley" centre:

Here is Pauline with her English paper pieced "Mansfield Park" block:

This is Cathy covered in her "Pennsylvania" blocks!

These are Michelle's lovely applique panels and blocks for her "Cats in My Garden" quilt.  Aren't the colours lovely?

Here is Dawn's "Millefiori" centre - one of my Whack and Stack quilt designs:

Well done girls!  (See next post for Jean's "Spikes and Specks" quilt)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

More "Spikes and Specks" Blocks

More "Spikeys"

Some of the girls returned today with all of their blocks finished for their "Spikes and Specks" quilt.

It is amazing how different they look in different colours:

Here are Fay's blocks in pinks, blues, browns, greens and purples:

Here are Kelly's blocks in pink, brown, blue, gold and green:

Here are Michelle's blocks in dark blue, red, brown and cheddar:

Here are Kellys and then Michelles fabric selection for their leaves.  What a productive day!

"Elegant Sampler" Complete

Tracey's Sampler

When I started teaching my own patchwork designs over ten years ago, I made several sampler quilts to teach my beginner students. 

I still love samplers.  They never get boring because you are always working on a different block with different shapes and a variety of techniques.

The first sampler I made was called "Elegant Sampler" = not a very original name (luckily I have become more inventive with naming my quilts with a little help from my friends!) but it was a pretty quilt.  I then made "Antique Stars" and "Manderley" to satisfy the sampler cravings.

This is Tracey's version of "Elegant Sampler", started ten years ago and just finished - although she has made lots in between times.

This is lovely Tracey on the left and beautiful Katy Law on the right, who quilted the quilt.  It is so pretty in pink and green!

"Ashbourne Mill"

Kelly's Version of "Ashbourne Mill" Complete

Take a look at Kelly's spectacular version of my design which she made for her son.  It certainly looks a masculine quilt in gorgeous shades of blue, black and red.

Snaps for Kelly!  It looks spectacular.  This quilt has foundation pieced flying geese segments and template work in the "Dusty Miller" blocks and hand applique in the pumpkin seed shapes which disguise the block intersections.

Friday, 12 October 2012

News from Carolyn's Quilting Room Student

Progress on "Netherfield"

I received an email from Jeanette who attended my "Netherfield" class held at Carolyn's Quilting Room in Wodonga in September.

Here is a photo of the progress she has made on her quilt since then.

The quilt centre looks wonderful in lovely purples and creams.

Well done, Jeanette!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fabulous Thursday Friends

Quilt Project Day at Pioneer Patchwork

On a Thursday once a month I have a lovely class of ladies who come to make some of my older quilt designs (and finish off some newer ones too)!

Today was the third month we have been meeting.

Here are the results of everyone's wonderful work:

Tracey is making "Mansfield Park" in some great repro fabrics of blue, red, brown and gold.  Here she is holding up the centre blocks with Veronica.  They thought they could hide behind the quilt but I snapped them anyway!  Tracey is on the left:

Julie is also making "Mansfield Park" in the lovely pink, blue and red fabrics from French General.  She is piecing the first set of courthouse step blocks:

Robyn has worked hard on her large Dresden Plates for "Mansfield Park" and is putting together the outside corner sections.  Here it is pinned and ready to sew.

Robyn's beautiful daughter Cindy is making my "Sakura" quilt.  The challenging completely reversable quilt-as-you-go log cabin quilt I have nicknamed "torture"!  Cindy has done a spectacular job.  Here is one side:

And here is the other:  Well done Cindy!

Inge is working on my "Flowers from Chelsea" design, especially designed for the Camden Country Quilters Guild Raffle Quilt a few years ago.  Inge is making hers in wonderful brights.  This is the centre block:

Inge also had a fabulous Show and Tell.  She has finished her "BLue Lotus" quilt and just got it back from gorgeous quilter Katy Law.  The quilting is spectacular.  Wow!

June is working on "Rose Rhapsody'.  She has completed the centre block with the 3D applique and after much discussion we chose a deep pink for the sashing:

Elaine has finished the centre applique for her "Victoria" quilt.  It is really beautiful:

Thank you girls.  This is why I love teaching!

Katrina x