Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Queens Gallery London

I had a wonderful visit to The Queens Gallery today to view a magnificent collection of original drawings and paintings by the 18th century Venetian artist Canaletto today.










Guess where we went next?  Sadly missed the Changing of the Guard.


Chelsea Flower Show

I saw the most magnificent blooms of every size, colour and variety I have ever seen at Chelsea.  Just amazing, unfortunately so were the crowds.

Here I am among the floral cup cakes.


There were beautiful floral displays in gardens.  Especially beautiful were of course the English cottage garden displays.  Just superb.



Specialist horticulturalist companies displayed all the different varieties of their specialty.






The David Austin roses were absolutely superb.




Friday, 26 May 2017

Belton House

Today I was very excited to visit Belton House, used as a film set in the 1995 BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice".  Belton was used as "Rosings", Lady Catherine de Burgh's beautiful estate.

The house is magnificent from the front and from the back (not sure which side is which?).





Here is a picture from the mini-series, Elizabeth Bennett approaching Rosings with Mr Collins, Charlotte, her father and sister.


Here are my photos from today.


I was trying to take a selfie, but I missed out the house!


I had to ask a passer by to take a shot with me and the house.


Here is Lizzie Bennett walking along the garden path.

Here is the garden today.




The Orangerie.


The house was built in the1680s for Sir John Brownlow with all the design features of a classic country house.  The house includes grand display rooms and impressive collections of porcelain, silver, paintings and books.  A feature was the beautiful carved woodwork decorations.





He is Colin Firth ascending the stairs as Mr D'Arcy.




Several of the beautiful bedrooms.




So sad that the writing bureau that Mr D'Arcy wrote his letter to Lizzy after his proposal was rejected, was away being restored.  Sad face.


The Chinese bedroom.  Gorgeous.




The Queen's Room, decorated in 1841 for the visit to Belton by Queen Adelaide, the widow of William IV.  Just superb, especially her beautiful bed.




This magnificent room was also used as the room in "Rosings" where Elizabeth meets Lady Catherine.


Here is Lady Catherine in front of the huge paintings of swans and other birds.




Here is Lady Catherine and Mr Collins son front of this green wall.



Just so special.