Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Homespun Magazine Project

I am really pleased with the publication of my "Elizabeth" Quilt in the current issue of Australian Homespun Magazine, Issue Number 123.

Here are some photos of my quilt.  The centre is a panel reproduced from a design released by the fabric printer John Hewson in the mid-nineteenth century.  I was thrilled to actually be in Houston, Texas when this fabric was released in 2011.  I like the colours and wanted to make a pretty quilt using the panel.  It is named after Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice".

Fabulous "Rococo" Blocks

I had the second class of my Whack and Stack Le Moyne Star quilt project called "Rococo" today.

Here are some photos of the spectacular blocks being set.

The first set have been made by Jan.  She used a very "classy" green, gold and black paisley fabric. She had enough fabric stacked to cut out 20 blocks so we decided to make a large quilt with the beautiful blocks.  Each block will be set with a small border of black fabric and then a triangle in each corner of gold.  The sashing will be black with green cornerstones.  She will make four rows of four blocks to make a queen bed sized quilt.  I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful and she has four blocks left to make cushions or what ever!

The next set have been made by Janine.  Her fabric was a lovely floral on a green background with roses and small daisies.  It is amazing how varied the blocks are.

Here are some of the blocks being put together in the zig zag setting with a deep apricot/pink fabric.

Here are Lynn's beautiful floral blocks on a pink background set with black.  Wow!

Well done, girls!  I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Katrina x

Friday, 23 August 2013

More Students Beautiful Work

 I love to see my student's work completed.

One of my lovely Richmond ladies, Mary, has spent some time "finishing" some of her PhDs. That's Projects Half Completed, to the uninitiated!

Here are the results. The first is the "Lydia" table runner which featured in a recent edition of Homespun magazine.  Mary made hers in soft shades of blue, pink and green on a gorgeous yellow background. She made the ric rac vine with leaves and circles like my original but she has added some beautiful little wool felt appliqué flowers in the centre hexagons.  It is gorgeous!

The next project Mary finished is her "Pamela" handbag with some bold red on black floral on the outside.  Her handbag includes some hand moulded and painted flower and leaf buttons.

Next is Mary's magnificent "Harriet" quilt.  I made this quilt as one of my history inspired projects for Quilters' Companion magazine which were published last year.  Mary loved the fabrics and bought a double kit to make the quilt bigger.  She certainly made lots of little blocks and the quilt now sits as a footer to her bed.  Her husband says he loves it too!  Here it is just laid out on her blanket box.

And a close up.

Here is some progress made on Sue's "Pemberley" centre. It is so beautiful.

Here is a close up.

I hope you all get lots of stitching time! Katrina x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Some More Wonderful Finished Quilts

"I have seen three more completed Jane Austen quilts made by my students this week.

They are just so amazing.  I am thrilled that my girls have enjoyed their classes so much and worked very hard to complete their quilts very quickly.

The first quilt to show you is Chris' version of "Netherfield".  Chris started this quilt in the Jane Austen Finishing School in January this year.  She powered ahead and made this one in record time.  It is all in different fabrics in shades of red and blue with a constant light background. I absolutely love it.  I think it looks spectacular! It is also a very large quilt, finishing at about 94 inches square so it was hard to photograph all in one shot but I have also taken some detailed close ups.

Chris makes very thoughtful choices of what fabric to put where and I know she thought very hard about the layout and position of each red and blue piece.

Look at some of her beautiful hexagon lozenges along the final appliqué border.  Then she has fussy cut the final striped border and of course mitred the corners.  I think you will agree this is a wonderful quilt.

Then, believe it or not, Chris has also completed making her "Rosings" quilt this year as well.  It is completely different to her colour scheme choice for "Netherfield".  She has used a number of fabrics with gold embossing on red and black.  Also, a lot of her colours are orange, gold and green. The first photo is of the centre with all the appliqué and then a photo of the whole quilt. The final border is heavily embossed gold flowers on black.  Wow! Chris says she loved making this quilt so much she plans to make another one with a cream background in the centre instead of the black. I can't wait to see that now...

The next quilt has been made by Elaine.  Although she says the colours are out of her comfort zone, the result is absolutely spectacular and very autumnal!  The orange, gold and green is so vibrant and has a definite wow! factor.

Elaine's centre Georgetown Circle block absolutely sizzles with those orange points around the circle and she has used a fabulous green stripe for all her vines.

Her beautiful fussy cut octagons really pop on the gold background.  She has used a variety of William Morris prints amongst others and check out her fussy cut circular berries.  They look like little buttons.

I am lucky to have such clever students!

Some "Pemberley" Quilts in Progress

I had the second class for another group of ladies making my "Pemberley" yesterday.

Here are some of their centres:

The first one has been made by Diane.  She loves her reproduction fabrics and has a most enviable collection of the yummiest goodies!  Her fabrics are quite dark and make a lovely contrast to the light backgrounds.  She said some of my leaf shapes were hard to do but I think she has done a great job! 

The next centre has been made by Jan.  Her choice of background fabric is unusual and some of the girls wanted to fight for the right to inherit it.  Ha ha.  I think the soft teal/green background and those fabulous pink bows make the whole piece look very textural, like suade. Great job, Jan!

Here is a close up of Jan's beautiful bird sitting near the bow.  Check out his wing!  It has a gorgy leaf positioned there.  Also, look at her beautiful scallops with that lovely swirl. Fabulous!

The next centre has been made by Jean.  She is also really enjoying her appliqué.  Her favourite colour is green, so green and red go together so well on her quilt.  Look at her striped vines and delightful roses in her scallops. It is looking really lovely.

Well done girls.  Looking forward to seeing some more.

Hope you are well where ever you are!

Regards,  Katrina x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wonderful Finished Quilts

I love it when my students come back to show me the quilts they have finished since attending my classes.

Recently I have had some wonderful Show and Tells.

The first quilt belongs to Leanne.  She started "Florentine" some time ago at The Patchwork Heart and has just recently completed it in class at Pioneer Patchwork since The Heart closed.

Here it is. It is so soft with its shades of pink, red and green.

Here are some close ups.

Here is Kerrie with her absolutely fabulous completed "Pemberley". Kerrie started this in The Jane Austen Finishing School in January this year and says she loved making the quilt.  Her favourite colour?  You guessed it: green!  It is quite a stunner!! Well done, Kerrie, I love it too. Leanne is going to quilt it for her.

I hope you have had a good weekend where ever you are.  As for me, I have worked the whole time. Am looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow!

Katrina x