Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Some More Wonderful Finished Quilts

"I have seen three more completed Jane Austen quilts made by my students this week.

They are just so amazing.  I am thrilled that my girls have enjoyed their classes so much and worked very hard to complete their quilts very quickly.

The first quilt to show you is Chris' version of "Netherfield".  Chris started this quilt in the Jane Austen Finishing School in January this year.  She powered ahead and made this one in record time.  It is all in different fabrics in shades of red and blue with a constant light background. I absolutely love it.  I think it looks spectacular! It is also a very large quilt, finishing at about 94 inches square so it was hard to photograph all in one shot but I have also taken some detailed close ups.

Chris makes very thoughtful choices of what fabric to put where and I know she thought very hard about the layout and position of each red and blue piece.

Look at some of her beautiful hexagon lozenges along the final appliqué border.  Then she has fussy cut the final striped border and of course mitred the corners.  I think you will agree this is a wonderful quilt.

Then, believe it or not, Chris has also completed making her "Rosings" quilt this year as well.  It is completely different to her colour scheme choice for "Netherfield".  She has used a number of fabrics with gold embossing on red and black.  Also, a lot of her colours are orange, gold and green. The first photo is of the centre with all the appliqué and then a photo of the whole quilt. The final border is heavily embossed gold flowers on black.  Wow! Chris says she loved making this quilt so much she plans to make another one with a cream background in the centre instead of the black. I can't wait to see that now...

The next quilt has been made by Elaine.  Although she says the colours are out of her comfort zone, the result is absolutely spectacular and very autumnal!  The orange, gold and green is so vibrant and has a definite wow! factor.

Elaine's centre Georgetown Circle block absolutely sizzles with those orange points around the circle and she has used a fabulous green stripe for all her vines.

Her beautiful fussy cut octagons really pop on the gold background.  She has used a variety of William Morris prints amongst others and check out her fussy cut circular berries.  They look like little buttons.

I am lucky to have such clever students!


  1. love these medallion quilts - they are a lot of work and very pretty.

  2. I am so in love with all your designs. They call to my heart from the computer screen. Alas, I live in northwest US so can't possibly take one of your classes. Will you ever turn these into printed patterns? I'm sure I'd buy every single one of them.

    1. Hi Patti,

      Sorry, at the moment these quilts are only available to my students in class.

      Maybe I will publish them one day.

      Regards, Katrina