Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fabulous "Rococo" Blocks

I had the second class of my Whack and Stack Le Moyne Star quilt project called "Rococo" today.

Here are some photos of the spectacular blocks being set.

The first set have been made by Jan.  She used a very "classy" green, gold and black paisley fabric. She had enough fabric stacked to cut out 20 blocks so we decided to make a large quilt with the beautiful blocks.  Each block will be set with a small border of black fabric and then a triangle in each corner of gold.  The sashing will be black with green cornerstones.  She will make four rows of four blocks to make a queen bed sized quilt.  I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful and she has four blocks left to make cushions or what ever!

The next set have been made by Janine.  Her fabric was a lovely floral on a green background with roses and small daisies.  It is amazing how varied the blocks are.

Here are some of the blocks being put together in the zig zag setting with a deep apricot/pink fabric.

Here are Lynn's beautiful floral blocks on a pink background set with black.  Wow!

Well done, girls!  I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Katrina x

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