Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Some "Pemberley" Quilts in Progress

I had the second class for another group of ladies making my "Pemberley" yesterday.

Here are some of their centres:

The first one has been made by Diane.  She loves her reproduction fabrics and has a most enviable collection of the yummiest goodies!  Her fabrics are quite dark and make a lovely contrast to the light backgrounds.  She said some of my leaf shapes were hard to do but I think she has done a great job! 

The next centre has been made by Jan.  Her choice of background fabric is unusual and some of the girls wanted to fight for the right to inherit it.  Ha ha.  I think the soft teal/green background and those fabulous pink bows make the whole piece look very textural, like suade. Great job, Jan!

Here is a close up of Jan's beautiful bird sitting near the bow.  Check out his wing!  It has a gorgy leaf positioned there.  Also, look at her beautiful scallops with that lovely swirl. Fabulous!

The next centre has been made by Jean.  She is also really enjoying her appliqué.  Her favourite colour is green, so green and red go together so well on her quilt.  Look at her striped vines and delightful roses in her scallops. It is looking really lovely.

Well done girls.  Looking forward to seeing some more.

Hope you are well where ever you are!

Regards,  Katrina x

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