Monday, 26 February 2018

Wonderful Three Day Retreat for The Quilting Room

The three day retreat in Adelaide organised by Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room has sadly come to an end for another year.

It was my pleasure to teach a lovely group of 17 ladies all of my techniques for English paper piecing and hand appliqué.

Ladies had the choice of making either “Pemberley” or “Hartfield”.

Here are some of the beautiful centres achieved for Pemberley over the course of the weekend.

This one is by a very enthusiastic Leanne.






The “Hartfield” ladies also achieved lots including work on the centre block and the zig zag borders.

Danielle is making a Christmas version.

Sandra’s Centre is in blues and pinks.

Andrea obviously likes pink.  We dubbed this version “hello kitty” after the cats in the scallop border.

Hey, that is good, she has added green and blue.

And room for a mouse.

Thank you to Helen for all your hard work (and divine food).

See you next year ladies.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Beautiful work at The Quilting Room

Today was day two of our three day retreat for The Quilting Room. Lots of concentration here.

Some beautiful “Pemberley” centres are in progress. First one is by Deb.

This pretty one is by Leona.

This beautiful version is by Jennie, including some William Morris fabrics.

Andrea is working on “Hartfield” with lots of pink and cats and dogs.  So cute.

Close up of the centre.

This is Sandra’s beautiful centre.

I will have more to show after tomorrow.  Good night.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Workshop for The Quilting Room, Adelaide

I am teaching for Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room in Adelaide for the fifth year in a row.  I am teaching Pemberley and Hartfield over a three day retreat.

We have had some visitors for Open evening and were treated to an amazing Show and Tell of my students work from previous years.

This is Andy’s beautiful “Longbourne”, quilted by Sally McKenzie..

Here is Andy’s “Meryton”, quilted by herself.

Andy again, this time her amazing “Lambton” with a yellow background. Also quilted by Sally McKenzie.

Helen’s stunning “Pemberley” which she is quilting on her longarm.

Danielle’s lovely “Longbourne” in Japanese fabrics.  Beautiful quilting by Tracey Browning.

Dani again, with a spectacular “Lambton” on a black background.  This one has just been completed.

Dani’s blue “Meryton”, like a Delft Blue china plate.

Love this version of “Meryton” in blue and brown by Sandra.

Sandra’s gorgeous “Pemberley”.

Marg’s lovely “Meryton”, nearly together from last year.

Lovely  mini “Meryton” by Bron.

An adaptation of “Rosings” by Bron.

I think you will agree this is an amazing collection of my students’ work.  

Thank you so much for bringing these quilts to share ladies.  I am so proud of you all!  

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Beautiful Jane Austen Quilts

It is a pleasure to see so many very beautiful versions of my Jane Austen quilt designs coming to life.

Class action from The Stitchers Cupboard.  Here is a delightful centre for “Netherfield” by Chris.

Two stunning Hartfield centres, first by Irene

And this one by Margaret.

Jenny has been steadily working on her gorgeous “Pemberley” in soft colours.  We have now added the half Dresden flower border.  Love it.

Lots of ladies began their “Highbury” quilt journey this last week.  Not so much to show just yet but I am looking forward to showing lots of beautiful floral bouquets with ribbons very soon.

Beautiful Work at Lyn’s Fine Needlework

I love it when I meet lovely people who have not done a lot of quilting and especially appliqué before.  They come to class to learn my techniques and before too long, they produce a magnificent quilt.

I am so proud of Adrienne, who has made the most magnificent “Pemberley”.

It has recently been custom quilted by Belinda Betts of Eucalypt Ridge Quilting.  Just awe inspiring work.  A masterpiece to see.

Here are some detailed shots of the blocks in the outside border.  Wow!

What a beautiful quilt.  The pattern and template kit are available from my website.

Adrienne is now well on the way to making another beautiful quilt.  This time, “Lambton”.

Simi has been working on blocks for her “Pickled Paisley” in Japanese fabrics.  Very striking.

Great work ladies.