Saturday, 24 February 2018

Workshop for The Quilting Room, Adelaide

I am teaching for Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room in Adelaide for the fifth year in a row.  I am teaching Pemberley and Hartfield over a three day retreat.

We have had some visitors for Open evening and were treated to an amazing Show and Tell of my students work from previous years.

This is Andy’s beautiful “Longbourne”, quilted by Sally McKenzie..

Here is Andy’s “Meryton”, quilted by herself.

Andy again, this time her amazing “Lambton” with a yellow background. Also quilted by Sally McKenzie.

Helen’s stunning “Pemberley” which she is quilting on her longarm.

Danielle’s lovely “Longbourne” in Japanese fabrics.  Beautiful quilting by Tracey Browning.

Dani again, with a spectacular “Lambton” on a black background.  This one has just been completed.

Dani’s blue “Meryton”, like a Delft Blue china plate.

Love this version of “Meryton” in blue and brown by Sandra.

Sandra’s gorgeous “Pemberley”.

Marg’s lovely “Meryton”, nearly together from last year.

Lovely  mini “Meryton” by Bron.

An adaptation of “Rosings” by Bron.

I think you will agree this is an amazing collection of my students’ work.  

Thank you so much for bringing these quilts to share ladies.  I am so proud of you all!  

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