Monday, 28 August 2017

The Quilting Room Workshops

I had the pleasure of teaching some lovely ladies from South Australia their choice of three of my pieced and machine appliquéd quilts: "Spikes and Specks", "Bloomin Logs" or "The Way Ahead".

Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room organises a great venue with delicious home made meals so that everyone can have the best time.  Some of the ladies being industrious here.

Two ladies chose "The Way Ahead" which has foundation pieced compass blocks.  They both achieved a complete block.

Here is Jenni's compass next to my quilt and then her finished block.

Here is Jackie's finished block.  They both look fabulous!

Here is my "Spikes and Specks" on the demonstration table.

This is Sandra's first block under construction.

We spent some time auditioning different choices for Danielle's block.

This was our selected choice, black and grey with a touch of purple.

My "Blooming Logs" quilt contains lots of courthouse steps blocks with the appliqué stitched over the seams.

The girls spent time perfecting their quarter inch seams.  It does take practice and you must slow down!

Here is Marg holding up her first set of four lovely blocks.

Here are Jan's blocks.

Although it was very cold and windy, Spring flowers were out in Helen's garden.  Thank you Helen and ladies for a great weekend.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Quilting Room Show and Tell from Previous Classes

I am now in Adelaide teaching for Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room.  This is the third time I have been here this year.  The ladies had some gorgeous Show and Tell from previous classes.

This is Andrea's spectacular "Lambton" with an amazing yellow background with red and blue and grey appliqué.  It has been beautifully quilted by Sally McKenzie.

Next is Cathie's very beautiful "Meryton" in pansy colours.  So pretty.  She has done a wonderful job, and quilted gorgeously by Judy Simcock.

I was able to see Helen's gorgeous "Lambton" centre for myself.  She had sent me a photo but that did not do the real thing justice.  Here are some pics I took today.

Sandra showed her beautiful Pemberley, just the final border to go on.  She made a variation by using the same fabric for all of the short Dresdens.  Looks great.

Helen also showed her gorgeous "Pemberley" which she is in the process of quilting.

Sandra showed her "Lambton" centre.  Stunning.

Another post on class progress to follow.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Maryse's "Lambton"

Maryse has been coming to class at The Stitchers Cupboard in Camden. She started with one of my machine pieced samplers, then she made "Wentworth" and now she is working on "Lambton".

Here is her stunning centre in red, navy blue, brown and gold.

Now she is working on the blocks for the outside border.  She has made three so far.

Congratulations, Maryse, fabulous work!

Catch Up on Some Lovely Work

Here are some lovely pics of a very beautiful "Pemberley" that Jenny is working on at Patchwork Plus in Miranda.

Di is at the stage of laying out her flowers on the vine border in class at Lyn's Fine Needlework.

Some of the girls are making their version of my "Twilight" folder cover.  

This one is by Sharon.  The front.

And the back.

Judy has made the centre star block for her folder.  Wow!

Margaret was working on the centre English paper pieced block for her "Hunsford" quilt.  Looking great.

Another wow!  Jenny has completed this stunning version of my "Cordelia" cushion in record time.

Happy stitching everyone!

Lots of Beautiful "Hartfield" Work

I have taught several more lessons for my Jane Austen quilt "Hartfield" at The Stitchers Cupboard.  The ladies are up to the three different blocks in the final border.  Here is a look at colour choices and progress being made.

Jenny is making a beautiful quilt in soft colours and pretty fussy cuts.  Here are four of her Dresden circles.

Sharon was also working on these in combinations of gorgeous bright jewel tones.

This is Christine's block in rich tones of red, brown and teal.

What a difference!  This is Kerry's block in super pink and purple.

For the octagon blocks, Dot has fussy cut her fabric to make this stunning arrangement.  Love it.

Sharon has also fussy cut to create this beautiful piece.

Christine has cut these pieces to make a beautiful block.

Here is Narelle's  stunning centre for her "Hartfield".

With a close up.

Narelle and Jennie have been using similar fabrics.  Here are two magnificent "Hartfield" twins!

This is Glynne's centre with the hexagon borders around it.  Lovely!

Here are Jan's elongated hexies, ready to stitch together.

Great work, ladies.