Saturday, 20 May 2017

My Workshop Day

Today we spent a lovely day in the Bath Spa Hotel, spending the day indoors was a good idea as it was cold and wet outside.

I taught a project I made especially for this tour.  It is a sewing keeper with a silhouette of Jane Austen and embellished with hexagons.



This is the room where the workshop was held.

Here are some of the ladies enjoying their sewing: Yasmin, Jan and Glenda

Lyn and Mooneen


Yvonne, Helen, Jill and Robyn


Katy and Rosa


Laura and Nancy

I am sorry Kathy and Marilyn had slipped out when I thought to take photos.

A little gin and tonic in the lounge for me after class.

Hot chocolate for Glenda and Jan.


We were then treated by the most amazing performance of Jane Austen by the marvellous Kim Hicks.  Loved every minute.



A beautiful dinner in the private dining room.  Thank you ladies for a lovely day.


  1. So elegant and all just perfect! Love the little project too Katrina! Please give Yasmin and Yvonne a hug for me… nice to see their familiar faces! Hope you are all well and enjoy the last few days…time always goes way too fast! Hugs x

  2. My regards to Yasmin and Helen pls Katrina
    Love following your tour.
    Roslyn Lambert