Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Farewell Reception at The Roman Baths

What a magnificent finale to a fabulous Whitecroft Tour of the Life and Times of Jane Austen.  



We were treated to a private reception inside the famous Roman Baths after they were closed to the general public, just the 18 of us (and a Roman centurion and stone mason).


Thank you to gorgeous Helen Bertram for inviting me to participate in this amazing tour again and thank you to darling Jane Tapley, for your company, your humour and for sharing your great knowledge of Jane Austen.  I have had a wonderful time, loved every minute.  Every day was special, varied, interesting and great fun.


Thank you to Glenda and Jan for your company.  Loved the laughs!


Gorgeous Katy,  thank you for your company.


Beautiful Lyn and Mooneen, so lovely to share this with you.

Helen enjoyed the company of the centurion! 


Helen Bertram and I with the centurion and a stone mason.








Mooneen and Lyn




Jan and Glenda



The two boys' performance was very amusing.


We also had a wonderful tour of the historic Roman baths, the finest outside mainland Italy.  People travelled from all over Europe to visit the baths from the first century AD.  The baths were built on the site of a natural hot spring which releases over one million litres of water per day at 46 degrees.  Just amazing. 

The lower level of the building to shoulder height is Roman and above that it is all Victorian.





Very entertaining tour guide.


The excavations of the various changerooms, cold baths and hot baths are presented so cleverly with holograms of people using the facilities.


We were treated to a magnificent candlelit three course dinner, just for us.


A photo of the desert tasting plate.  Divine!


Such a fabulous final night!


  1. The last night is always so very sad but such lovely memories and beautiful photos you have shared with us Katrina. Hugs from chilly Victoria! xx

  2. Thank you so much Michele. It has been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the Whitecroft Jane Austen tours. Made some wonderful friends and learned so much. Also lots of inspiration for future quilts. Love Katrina xx

  3. thank you for sharing so many lovely details of this trip. I visited the baths in 2000 but when they only give you an hour, you do not see so much. Blessings from spring time in Canada.

  4. Just returned from London last night. First time I've had a chance to look at your blog and share the Jane Austen tour with my husband. What a wonderful time it was. Such a pleasure to look at your wonderful pictures. Starting tomorrow, I am finishing the Jane Austen project!! Thanks for everything.

    1. Thanks Nancy, it was great to meet you and share this wonderful experience. I am home now and feeling as though it was all a dream. Love from Katrina x