Tuesday, 7 May 2013

More Jane Austen Quilts

More Lovely Quilts

It was great to see the progress made by the ladies in my "Rosings" class today.  I always love this time of year when the girls are reaching the end of their course of workshops and I can see all the confidence they have in their choice of colours and techniques learned throughout the course.  Mostly they bring their quilts back completed for me to see (or I see them again at the next set of workshops!)

Here I am in front of my "Rosings" quilt, thanks to my "professional" photographer, Julie....

Here is a picture of Elaine's completed "Netherfield".  She started this quilt in the Jane Austen Finishing School in January - she has worked very hard to get it finished in four months (took me a year).  There is a lot of stitching there and although she does not enjoy the machine work, here it is, all done...

Here is a closer look at the centre:

This is the same gorgeous lady's "Rosings" centre - she loves her applique.  Elaine wants to finish this one before she starts "Pemberley" next month.  I love the way her centre glows and then the colours recede to a softer shade on the outer edge of the applique centre.  Glorious!

Here is the little star for the cornerstone block:

More progress on Jan's centre in soft pink and grey:

Here is Sharon's fabulous centre on a black "oil slick" background.  I love those purple flowers!

This is Denise's beautiful and unique blue version now with its dogtooth border.

Denise has also worked very hard.  Here are her wonderful octagons all set out on the background fabric being appliqued down. Wow!

Here are some close ups:

Thank you ladies,  I hope you enjoyed the class.

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