Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jane Austen Line Up

I had a wonderful surprise today.  The girls from Richmond that I have been teaching for TEN years prepared a special celebration for our 10th anniversary.

Given my obsession with Jane Austen they decided to dress up for the occasion and formed a reception line for me to progress along on my way to teach a class at Mulgoa today.

The ladies went to lots of trouble - check out their costumes and they tried to keep a straight face throughout - very serious crowd!  Here is Karol, Kate, Judy, Mary 2 and Mary 1!

Oh that's better, they are smiling now.

What is Karol whispering to Kate?

From her reaction, it must have been shocking!!!

Here is Judy looking regal in her Regency dress.  Judy and her sister, Sally, are joining me on the Jane Austen tour to England in 2015.  Yay!

 Here I am in the middle...

The girls went to lots of trouble to make a display of their recent work.  Here are some dresden plate table runners I taught them from my project in the Quilters Companion magazine and my ric rac table runner pattern.

And pictures of Jane Austen of course.

Here are the girls hard at work on our new project: the "Lydia" table runner I designed for Homespun magazine/

Here is Karol showing off her version of my "Jane" cushion from Homespun.  She has added a wonderful checkerboard border and some baby hexagons in the corners.

Here are the two inch hexagon rosettes we made...

This is Judy's in a great reproduction print she has "fussy cut".

This is Kate's.  She has never made hexagons before and said she could get hooked - I warn they are addictive!

This is Karol's, made from a lovely all over rose print - so pretty!

This one was made by Jan, again some beautiful roses...

This one is by Mary (2) in blue and white - very traditional!

Continuing the rose floral theme, here is a beautiful rose blooming outside our classroom:

Thanks girls for a very special day!


  1. Que bonito reportaje, estáis todas guapísimas !!!

    1. I have been using the Google Translate. Yes, all the ladies were gorgeous.

      Love from Katrina

  2. I bet the ladies had a hard time not breaking out laughing. Love all the hexies.