Thursday, 16 May 2013

Autumn Day Class

I had a lovely day today in the upper Richmond area teaching my girls a new handbag project.

Although the sun kept coming out there was a cool autumn breeze and we put a few logs on the fire!

These are called candle banksias - aren't they amazing?

Judy had harvested a line up of pumpkins for us from her vegetable garden - pumpkin soup, here I come!

A glowing fire...

Karol had finished her small quilt based on my "Jane" cushion.  Her cross hatched quilting was lovely.  

Karol also finished her "Lydia" table runner.  She works very quickly!  It looks lovely...

Here is the start of Judy's "Pamela" handbag...

Thanks for a lovely day girls!


  1. I love all the quilting that you show - so pretty. I am intrigued by the seed pods or pine cones whatever you refer them to as on what looks like a pine tree - what you called "candle banksias" I have never seen anything like that and love them!

  2. Hi Karen. No, these are not pine cones! They are the flower on a special type of Banksia tree. They are called "candles" for obvious reasons. This is a uniquely Australian species of tree. I just love our native flora.