Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Janine's "Netherfield"

Congratulations, Janine, on a most beautiful quilt!

Janine brought her completed "Netherfield" in to show and tell today.

Janine made this in class last year (or the year before?) and has just finished the binding.

Janine has Veronica machine baste the three layers of her large quilts together for her.

Janine then machine quilts them on her domestic sewing machine.  She has done a fabulous job of the quilting.  It is a very large quilt and lots of work.

Wow, I love it!  The colours are so soft in shades of pink, green and grey with the dramatic addition of the black.


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  1. For when'll edit one book with all the work so original and fantastic?
    I'm looking forward to that day.

    Greetings from
    Palencia, Spain