Saturday, 11 May 2013

Two More Beautiful "Rosings"

I held another "Rosings" class at Pioneer Patchwork today.  This was the fourth and final workshop for this group of ladies who commenced making this quilt in February.

The ladies have worked very hard on their applique - there is a lot of stitching on the centre.  Some found the piecing of the dogtooth border quite a challenge but with lots of pinning and accurate sewing all was accomplished.

Here are a couple of photos of the centres made by Kylie and Vanessa.

You will see that Kylie has completed all of the applique and then added a red border and a wonderful teal blue and cream dogtooth border which really sets it off well. What wonderful colours she has used!

The next one belongs to Vanessa.  She is the only person in this series of classes on "Rosings" who has appliqued on a cream background.  While a lot of ladies have chosen dark and different colours to the usual choice for their "Rosings" applique, it is always great to see something completely different.  I am pleased that the design also works well for a light background.  Here it is.  Vanessa's pots have a very exotic look to them.

Well done, ladies,  I am looking forward to seeing the other quilts completed....


  1. Preciosos !!! si tuviera que escoger uno me quedaba con el segundo, con el fondo claro.

    1. Thank you Mari Carmen. I see you prefer the light background - it is very beautiful.