Saturday, 18 May 2013

Delightful "Pemberley" Class

I had a lovely day at Pioneer Patchwork today teaching the fourth and last workshop of "Pemberley" to a group of lovely ladies.  Everyone got on so well we were very sad that the group had to break up.

Here are some updates on the ladies quilts:

The first belongs to Bronwyn.  Her colours are lovely in blue and pink and red and brown.  Then there is a close up.

Here is Kerry's.  She loves green and her colours look especially Federation/heritage.  It is beautiful.

And a close up:

This one belongs to Leonie.  Her colours are particularly soft and muted in shades of soft mauve, sand, blue and dusty pink.  Gorgeous!  We laughed because Leonie says she does not read the instructions but she still managed to mitre that short dresden border.  Well done!

And several close ups:

This is Birgit's centre.  This is also very beautiful with its delicate scallops and lovely flowers.

And a final close up:

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show.  

Thanks you ladies for a great class - see you all again soon.

Katrina x

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  1. all the quilts have such lovely work on them - that is a nice design