Monday, 10 March 2014

Second Group of Hunsford Ladies

I know everyone is enjoying the photos I have posted of my "Hunsford" students.

Today is the second class for my second group of ladies and here are their centre blocks:

First is Glenda with her stunning red and black centre:

Next is Kay, also with red and black.  Magical centre star:

Then this is Julie's centre with marvellous mustard:

This is Jan's centre in brown and blue.  Her little tear drop flowers are gorgeous!

This is Jenny's beautiful centre made with some very lovely blue Japanese fabrics. Wow!

Look at the most gorgeous little beetles "fussy cut" in her tear drop circles.

Here is Pauline's centre in plum shades and brown:

Here is Glynn's centre in red and black.

This is Robin's centre in deep blue and red.  Gorgeous!

More photos to come....

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