Saturday, 8 March 2014

By the End of Class....

Following on from the previous post showing the lovely centre blocks of my clever students at Narellan, here are some photos of work completed by the end of class.

This is Leanne's centre, even more stunning now with the dogtooth border and pretty appliqués.  Wow!

And some of Leanne's star blocks which will go around soon:

Here is Dot's centre with the dogtooth.  Very dramatic.  Appliqué details to come...

Here is Chris' centre with a pink and black dogtooth - looks great,  I love it.

Here is Robin's centre.  We have trouble with those tricky dogtooth triangles, but we did it Robin!

Here is Kylie's very pretty version, with pink and black triangles and a lovely rose in the large teardrop shapes.

Here we are "auditioning" which direction to place Laraine's dogtooth border.  Black on the inside or on the outside???  It often helps to take a couple of photos and switch between them on the camera to help you decide.

We decided to have the black on the inside and the mustard against the next border.  Yum!

Well done ladies!  Happy sewing....


  1. Wow, they are all beautiful and inspiring.

  2. Hello Katrina, these reproduction fabrics are some of the best I've seen.
    Are most of them purchased at Pioneer Patchwork Narellan?
    Many thanks
    Susan Sheffield