Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Very Special Jane Austen Present

I was delighted to receive a most beautiful present in the mail today from Helen Bertram of Whitecroft Traditional Tours in England.

It was a most beautiful full boxed set of gorgeous hard back editions of all of Jane Austen's novels!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled with them.  They have beautiful covers and delightful plates.

Thank you so much Helen!  They now take pride of place on my Austen book shelf.


  1. What a fabulous gift. I too have a Jane Austen bookshelf much like yours filled with both her novels and books about her life and times. Wish I could go on your tour but sadly the budget will not allow it.

  2. Lucky girl Katrina!! Helen is one of the most giving and special people I have ever met! So glad that I could put you in touch with her and that this dream could come true for you. Many hugs xx