Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Prague Castle


We visited the huge Prague castle complex, the number one tourist attraction in the Czech Republic, along with thousands of other people.  The queues stretched for a very long way as you can see above.

At least we had some local entertainment.


The Castle was the home and seat of government for many of the ruling families.  Some superb buildings all around this area.



The highlight for me was a visit to the Dom, the main Cathedral dedicated to St Vitus.  An amazing example of Gothic architecture, complete with gargoyles.





Love the door knob.  More queues.


Inside the stained glass was particularly magnificent and actually photographed well.  This one is a more modern window, being early 20th century.



This set of three beautiful doors had some very intricate carving, especially the faces.




The inside ceilings soared to the sky.




Amazing canopied sarcophagus, all in silver.




I loved this beautiful chapel for St Wenceslas.  It is covered in 1300 semi-precious stones.  Wow.




Really wonderful to visit this treasure.


Here is a rooftop view from the Castle, looking down on the Charles Bridge.  It is always full of pedestrians crossing over the bridge.


Changing of the Guard at the Castle.





  1. Always terrific to read your blog Katrina and your photos are just stunning. What a trip you are having.