Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Eagle's Nest

We went on a lovely bus trip to visit the famous Eagle's Nest high in the Ober Salzburg.  This Conference centre was built in an incredible location especially for Adolf Hitler by his political party and presented to him for his 50th birthday.  I know the history arouses strong feelings, but the location was certainly amazing and we were fortunate to have magnificent weather.

We travelled by coach from Salzburg and then transferred to another special bus built to tackle the very steep road up into the mountains.  We travelled up, and up and through five tunnels to the top.


Then this tunnel hewn into the mountain.  We walked the length of this 110 metre tunnel to the lift shaft at the end.  The lift is virtually in the same condition as it was when it was built for Hitler.  

Here is the lift which took us up higher to the Eagles Nest building.


A photo of Hitler himself sitting on the sun terrace.


The same terrace today.


The views!  Awe inspiring. It is hard to convey the height in the photos but this was an elevation of 1,834 metres.



Here I am.


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