Saturday, 3 June 2017


Spent the day in the sophisticated city of Augsburg today - lots more beautiful architecture, museums, churches and spectacular ceilings!  You should always look up when you are travelling.

Here are some of the beautiful city buildings, painted in soft and pretty colours.  Lots of fountains as well.





I climbed 120 stairs to reach the Golden Hall in the Town Hall.  This magnificent reception room has been restored to the original state of the room built in1600.  It was virtually destroyed by bombings during WWII.  I just sat for half an hour, speechless and absorbing the beauty. Wow!







Here is the outside of the Town Hall, the front...


and the back....

Beautiful St Peter's Church at the Perlach Tower.


I then visited the beautiful Maximilian Museum, another fascinating museum full of treasures displayed in splendour.


Gorgeous silver ware.


Meissen porcelain.



Inlaid chest of drawers.


This clock was studded with precious jewels all over it.


Another stunning clock.


Wonderful sculpture displayed in sumptuous rooms.


Next was the Schaezlerpalais.  More stairs.


More corridors.


These led to this magnificent Ballroom decorated in 1700 in the Rococo style.  Wow, I had the entire room to myself.




Then the main Cathedral of the City.



The front door knob.



This is the ceiling of one small chapel within the Cathedral, decorated in pale pink.




Then a puppet Museum.




That is a lot in one day.  No wonder I am tired.  K x

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  1. Such amazing photos, you are lucky to see such gorgeous things. That door knob looks like it could be a quilt block.