Thursday, 1 June 2017

Germany - Wurzburg and Rothenburg

I had a fabulous time in the beautiful United Kingdom.  Now it is time for the next adventure, a visit to southern Germany.  We flew into Frankfurt and picked up a car.

First stop was Wurzburg, in the Franconian wine region. We walked the Alte Mainbrucke, built between 1473 and 1543, the 12 statues of saints were added around 1730.  The views were magic.




Then on to Rothenburg on der Tauber, a fairy tale medieval walled city.  We are staying right in the centre of the old town, just a few metres from the market square.




Yummy pork schnitzel.


The buildings  in the town are just gorgeous.





The old town centre is still surrounded by the medieval walls, complete with towers and arrow slots.




I walked around a lot of the old walls. Here are some of the views.



I visited several amazing Museums including the Imperial City Museum and the Museum of Medieval Torture and Justice.  These are actual masks of shame used in the 16th and 17th centuries.

This is inside the Craftmen's House, occupied by various craftsmen since the 14th century!




Just a wonderful experience!

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