Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Berlin, The Final Leg of my Trip

I spent the last three days of my trip in Berlin, mostly visiting the spectacular Museums there plus the off Vathedral and Palace.

Here are some of the highlights.

I spent an entire day on Museum Island, the world renowned location of some of the most amazing g Museums in the world.

I walked in awe through the Ishtar Gate, reconstructed from the excavations of the original gate built around 500 BC in ancient Babylon.  This is actually the smaller of a double gate and their were eight gates into the city.  Fantastic.


This is the market gate of Miletus.

Conservation work on the Room from Aleppo.


Ancient Egyptian cat.


The actual skull of a Neanderthal.

I climbed 267 steps up to the top of the dome of the Cathedral, and down again.


Inside the dome. 

The view over the Museums.


Charlottenburg Palace.


The Golden Hall.

My favourite room in the Palace. 

The gardens. 

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  This was a very moving experience and well worth visiting.

The outside of the beautiful Altes Museum.


The so-called "Berlin Goddess", a rare original 5th century BC statue complete with painted surface.


The rotunda of classical sculpture.

From the History of Germany Museum, the hat worn by Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.  He left it in his carriage when he fled the battlefield after his defeat. Wow! 

The Reichstag.


This concludes my photographic commentary of my five and a half week journey to Europe.  I hope you have enjoyed travelling along with me and thank you to those who have sent me comments.

Back to work now.


  1. I have enjoyed your trip and all the photos. I know it took ages and ages to get them loaded with comments. We enjoyed it and you will enjoy looking back and not having it all jumbled in your head. Do hope you consider getting a "book" made of these blog posts.....

    1. Thanks Susie, it did take me a long time to load all the photos, especially when my blog app glitched. I am pleased you enjoyed sharing my journey. Regards, Katrina x