Thursday, 1 June 2017

Last Couple of Days in London

Sorry my blog posts stopped for a while there, I have been extremely busy and on the move.  Remember, you can also easily check out my trip on my Facebook page.  It is easier to post and receive comments there.

In the last couple of days in London, here is what I got up to.

A ride on the famous, huge and very high London Eye.




A visit to the Tower of London.  I especially loved seeing the armour of King Henry VIII and the other kings which have been displayed on horses in armour in The Line of Kings for centuries.




A walk around Westminster.


A visit to beautiful Greenwich.


I was very excited to see this famous portrait of my hero Captain James Cook, painted by Nathaniel Dance, on display in The Queen's House, Greenwich.


Fabulous painted ceilings which have just been restored.



Great view from the top of the hill at Greenwich.


Now on to Germany.

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