Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Although I am now home, I need to catch you up on the rest of my trip.

We visited the city of Dresden for a wonderful day of sight seeing.  This city was all but destroyed by Allied bombing at the end of WWII.  There is now no sign of that destruction and many of the major city buildings have been totally reconstructed.  It is a beautiful city with great Museums.




The Cathedral has been reconstructed including the huge dome. This is the beautiful painting from the inside.



We saw the magnificent "Procession of Princes" which represents many of the rulers of the area through history.  This magnificent mural is over 100 metres long and is made of Meissen tiles.  It is an amazing sight.





We also visited the amazing Zwinger which served as the orangerie and exhibition buildings for the Dresden royal court.  The magnificent buildings were destroyed in the war but are now reconstructed.



I visited one of the most beautiful Museums I have ever seen, complete with full sized models of horses with jousting knights in full armour!


The displays included gorgeous equipment for horses, all hand embroidered.






And a few bejewelled treasures.







They certainly liked bling!


Loved this city.

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