Thursday, 20 November 2014

Richmond Stitchers Working Hard

The lovely ladies of the Richmond Stitchers are working on various patterns in class.

This is Kim's spectacular version of my whack and stack Le Moyne Star quilt.  She has put together a large quilt of 4 rows of 4 blocks with beautiful green pieced setting triangles and dramatic black sashings.  Just borders to go - sorry this seems out of focus!

These are Karol's beautiful small pineapple blocks taken from my "Paddington" table runner pattern.  Karol made four blocks and we decided to set them in a square and make a cushion.  I love the combination of the bright pink and the red and brown.

This is Judy's wonderful "Padington" table runner.  Judy has been using up lots of the fabric left over from a major quilt. She still has some left!

This is Mary's table runner with her delightful hand stitching in the triangles.  Gorgy!

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