Thursday, 6 November 2014

More Amazing Work on "Pemberley", Kings Park Hobbysew

All the ladies in class got heaps done on their "Pemberley" quilts today, as well as laughing a lot!

Here is Denise's centre in some great reproductions from her stash in strong colours.  The flower in her scallops looks great too. We decided on a rich brown for her wavy applique border.

This is Lynne's centre also in wonderful reproduction fabrics and a great scallop flower in rich red on a brown background.  She has not decided on the fabric for the rim of her pot yet.  She thinks that will go on last!

Here is the framework of stems and Lynne's corner pot blocks, pinned on and ready to stitch while away.

This is Rosemary's centre in gorgeous Japanese fabrics in purples, blues, pinks and golds.  Lovely!

This is Michelle's quilt.  I helped with the bird's beak and embroidered eye, so now he is not headless!

We had an issue with the direction of the little flowers in the frames around the corner pot blocks!  They had a mind of their own.  I dubbed them "turnip flowers" but finally we tamed them and they all ran in the same direction.  Phew!

Thanks for a great day, ladies.  We should see more of Toni's, Kerry's and Madeline's next month.

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