Monday, 3 November 2014

New Challenge for Textiles Across the Tasman Group

Our latest challenge for our textiles group is called "seed", which was set by Kay Haerland.

I wanted to feature something Australian, so I began by researching Australian native seed pods.  There are certainly some weird and wonderful seeds among our unique fauna!  I found an amazing tree called a Moreton Bay Chestnut or "black bean" tree which has huge bean shaped seed pods containing very large oval shaped seeds.

I decided to be quite "arty" and began with a drawing of the seed pod shape with five large seeds, the husk and a leaf.  I spent one whole day scouring through fabric to find just the right colour and texture I wanted and made a start at the applique. 

The seed pod was in the centre (lots of different coloured seeds later); a foundation pieced row of different browns represented the husk and I appliqued a large leaf with striking black veins.  I kept pestering my two boys to see what they thought and took on some of their suggestions as to colour and composition.  After all that, I went to bed but the next morning when I looked at my "seed" masterpiece, I did not like it at all!

Back to the drawing board!

I thought about different fruits and the different seeds they have and thought it could look good to represent a cross section of pieces of fruit.  I decided on an apple and a pomegranate (which has been called the "love apple").  Both are red and have interesting structures and seeds.  So here it is... "seed" by Katrina Hadjimichael...


I was pleased with the way the fruit came forward when I echo quilted by hand in the white background fabric, making it a bit three dimensional.

I searched in a few shops for just the right beads to represent the pomegranate seeds.  I finally found the tiny buttons in two shades of red. Perfect.

I hope you like my interpretation of "seed"?

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