Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lots of Excited Ladies at Hobbysew Kings Park

I really enjoy my Wednesday afternoon class at Hobbysew, Kings Park.

The ladies are lovely and we always have a great time working on various quilts.

Yesterday, Caroline finished her "1904 Star" block for the centre of her "Heartstrings" quilt.  This is a very challenging black and she sewed it beautifully.  She was delighted with the result.  Here it is on the design wall:

And here it is with her first round of string pieced triangles. Looks so good.  Caroline was very excited.

Lesley pledged that she would not start a new project this year until she had finished lots of projects but after getting lots of quilting done on her "Pemberley", she could not resist using a couple of batik jelly rolls from her stash to start her own version of "Heartstrings".  

When we put it up on the design wall, we decided we needed to remove the bright yellow strips.  Lucky it is not too much to unpick.  I often find yellow is a tricky colour - where ever you put it your eye is drawn to that position.  So beware the yellow!  The combination of blue and orange always looks great.

Jill is using jelly roll strips in shades of blue.  We decided to piece some sawtooth star blocks to break up the strip borders and link in to her centre star block.  Wow, I love it.

Awesome class girls.  There are a couple of vacancies in this class for next year.  Please phone Hobbysew at Kings Park on 02 9621 4000 and speak to the lovely ladies there.  The class is always the second Wednesday of the month from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

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