Monday, 17 November 2014

Hooray! I have finished my Pickle Dish quilt!!!

I have always wanted to make a quilt based on the double wedding ring pattern.  This is always considered a challenging project because of all the curved seams and is often hand pieced.

Of course I decided some time ago to make a more complicated version using the Pickle Dish pattern.  Instead of the rectangular pieced arcs in the double wedding ring, the pickle dish has spiked arcs!  All of these need to be paper foundation pieced. On top of this I decided to use lots of different colours as well as colour wash them using lots of different fabrics!

I cut out all of the paper piecing shapes a couple of years ago and have not got back to it because of the work involved in my Jane Austen Quilt Collection.

It was time to get it out and finish it.  I found the most gorgeous reproduction paisley fabric in rich colours from the "Caswell County" range by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics (available at The Stitchers' Cupboard).  This became my main fabric in all the background and melon shapes.  Some of the fabrics I used for the pieced spiked arcs do not suit this fabric!  I had to ditch the bright double pinks and greens! 

Note to self: choose the main fabric before piecing all the paper foundation patterns!!!

I also found a matching border print stripe from the same range which would make a striking border.

Here it is, finally finished.  The colours in the photo are a bit washed out.  I will take better photos soon.


  1. It is beautiful Katrina! A wonderful choice of fabrics and great design!

  2. You must have really liked that fabric as it has not been out very long and viola, your quilt is finished. It is indeed a beauty. Thank you for showing us.

  3. Gorgeous use of the paisley - thank you! :-)

  4. I admire your perseverance. I started one many years ago and found it in a box when I was cleaning out to move.... With a note in it that said "do not be tempted to finish this". Sold it on ebay for $50