Thursday, 27 November 2014

Gorgeous "Pemberley" Quilts at The Stitchers' Cupboard

Today was our last class in a series of five monthly workshops to make my "Pemberley" quilt design.

The ladies worked on a variety of sections:

This is Maria's beautiful centre in black, red and shades of blue and grey.  Looks amazing!  Congratulations Maria.

We also worked on Maria's half dresden flower borders in blue and grey.  These will have red half circle centres which will look great.

Kerrie was also working on her dresden flower border.  By contrast, her colours are bright.  Wow, how stunning!!

Here are two of Kerrie's corners.  Fabulous work.

This is Kerrie's bird.  I embroidered an eye for him and everyone else wanted the same!  

 Happy stitching ladies.  I look forward to seeing your progress in the New Year.


  1. Love my birds eye. Thank you Katrina

  2. My dresdons look almost glowing in that shot! Haha

  3. You are welcome. Yes, they look fabulous!!