Friday, 1 May 2015

More Touring in Broken Hill

I have had another wonderful day in Broken Hill.  I had some time in the morning and was shown around some more sights around the town.

This is the beautiful historic convent associated with the Catholic Cathedral.  It has been beautifully restored and made into several dwellings.

I loved the designs of the stained glass - I feel a new quilt coming on.

We then went out to the Mundi Mundi lookout which provides views for 200km over The Outback.  The view was amazing and goes on forever.  The clouds made shadows across the landscape.

There are several historic buildings in the "ghost" town of Silverton.

The roads either side of the main road are just red dirt.

One of my students is raising a baby orphan kangaroo.  She is so beautiful and small.  I was allowed to give her cuddles and feed her a bottle.  Her name is "Eva".  What an amazing commitment Lyn makes to these helpless baby animals.  She has to raise the kangaroos in her home until they are 12-14 months old.  They are then released into a safe reserve environment.

I had better take some photos of the ladies work tomorrow or everyone will think I have not been working!

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