Monday, 4 May 2015

Last Day in Broken Hill

Here are some photos of the lovely ladies of the Silver City Quilters who attended my "Rosings" class over the weekend.  They were able to complete the centre foundation pieced Georgetown Circle block for their quilt.

From left to right: Lyndal, Lynne, Karen, Jo, Lyndall, Kaye, Judy and Lyn.  Great work ladies.

Here is Lyndal's centre in reproduction blues and oranges.  Very yummy.

This is Lyndall's version in soft purples and greens on a mid-brown background.  Looks beautiful.

Here is a photo of the girls who were making "Spikes and Specks" - and yes, they were a crack up! 
From left to right: Jann, Sharon, Narelle and Siobahn.

I was shown some Sturt Desert Peas in flower.  I have not seen them before.  They are really fascinating native plants.

Thank you to all the ladies of the Silver City Quilters for your hospitality in hosting my stay.  I had a wonderful time in your company and very much appreciated all you did to look after me and show me around your wonderful town.  I look forward to returning next year.

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  1. Those blocks are not easy to do....... and the flower is amazing..... wonder if a quilt block could be designed?????