Friday, 8 May 2015

Introducing Jane Austen Quilt Number 7: "Lambton"

I have finally had a chance to hang "Lambton" and take a photo of the entire quilt.  Here she is, the culmination of fifteen months work:

It is very hard to portray the true colours of a quilt or give an idea of the detail.  Here are a few close ups.  This is the centre inspired by the shape of stained glass rose windows.

The following photos will give you some idea of the intricate detail of the quilting by Helen Hayes (thanks again Helen).

"Lambton" is my major workshop piece for next year.  I am looking forward to teaching it and seeing all the different colour combinations.


  1. Lam ton is simply stunning Katrina, I think I have found the appliqué project I've been looking for next. it has such pleasing balance and shapes. Will there be an opportunity to purchase the pattern if I can't attend your workshops?

  2. Sorry Susan, Lambton is my major workshop quilt for teaching next year. It will be some years before I consider selling the pattern. Katrina

  3. Well done its lovely you have achieved so much .Well done.

  4. When you're ready to sell the pattern, I'm ready to buy it! It's stunning!!