Friday, 16 January 2015

Day Two of my NZ Adventure

This morning I got to see my classroom and get everything organised for tomorrow.  The Committee did a fabulous job of all my photocopying so I did not have to bring it with me.

We then viewed all of the Quilt Exhibitions associated with the Symposium.  This great quilt covered car was parked outside.

Here are some of the quilts which caught my eye.  The label for each quilt follows the photograph.

Here is my friend Deborah Louie in front of her quilt at the Tutors Exhibition.  Amazing stitching!

Here I am in front of "Pemberley" at the Tutors Exhibition:  I have not seen too many other hexagon quilts here so far - it is good we are all different!

I hope you have enjoyed the Quilt Show.

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