Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Students Beautiful Work

I have the best students!  Lots of them have been coming to my classes for years and we have got to know each other very well.  We discuss ALL sorts of things - yes, even those forbidden subjects of politics, sex and religion.

Of course, my interpretation of the news has been dubbed "the Pollyanna news" - love it, Natalie, and sometimes I need further explanation of what has been happening.  Oh well, it is good to be a bit naive!

We still get our sewing done.  Here is the evidence...

This is Kylie's very beautiful version of "Hunsford" with a pink background and stunning rose border print of pink, black, green and gold.  Wow!  She just has to sew on the final border now.

This is Julie's lovely version of "Fleur", growing quite quickly!

Natalie and I have been designing a quilt using lots of bling fabrics based on the colours and shapes of peacock feathers.  Here is a cornerstone block we just finished.

Sharon had a binding lesson to complete her "Heartstrings" quilt.

Robin was working hard on the nine patch variation blocks for her "Fleur".

This is Jan's "Fleur" in soft gorgy fabrics with a rich green framing fabric.

And a close up...

Lovely work ladies.

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