Sunday, 13 July 2014

Day Two of Pemberley Class

The ladies have been busy!  Here are some photos of progress being made on the centre oval medallion of "Pemberley".  Considering they have had only two days in a row of class, with lots of talking, laughing, eating and other activities in between, my girls have done heaps of beautiful work.

It is wonderful to see all the different colour choices being made.  Often as the centre begins to take shape, the quilt will tell you where it wants to go and what colours to use.

The first one is by Maureen who is using black for her urn and some gorgeous bright colours for the flowers.

This one is Shirley's.  She has a gorgeous collection of William Morris fabrics.  I have found Adelaide girls love their William Morris.  Not a surprise, as this is the home of talented and vivacious Michele Hill, who will be teaching here later in the week.

This one belongs to Jackie.  Really beautiful.

Check out this one by Lynette.  Love it.

This one is by Helen Campbell of The Quilting Room.  I will be teaching for Helen again next February at Victor Harbour.  We have an annual retreat happening with my Jane Austen Quilt Collection.  Helen loves her reproduction fabrics and brought at least four tubs full with her!  Yummy.

This one is by Lynne. Fab urn.

Here is another gorgeous William Morris version by Karen.  Very delicate.

This beautiful version is by Jill.  Gorgeous!

More progress to come.

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