Saturday, 5 July 2014

"Hunsford" Class at Lyn's Fine Needlework

It is lovely to see the different versions of my designs coming to life in so many different colour and fabric variations.

Today my lovely ladies at Lyn's were working on "Hunsford".

This is Glenda's centre in browns and reds with a wonderful fussy cut flower in the large hexagons. Wow, it looks beautiful!

This is Dru's centre.  She has made several of my quilts now and says she has enjoyed making each one in a different colour scheme.  She is making "Hunsford" in some magnificent red and black Japanese fabrics on a white background. Check out the fussy cut cranes in the large hexagons! Awesome.

This is Pat's version in amazing deep grey and red.  They are all different but yummy!

Meredith has just returned from a wonderful trip to Russia and England and told us all about her visit to Lyme Park in Cheshire which was one of the film locations for the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  Who can forget Colin Firth emerging from the lake in front of Pemberley?

This is the bag she brought back with her....

How gorgeous is that?

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