Saturday, 11 January 2014

Third Jane Austen Finishing School Class

BI am really enjoying seeing my students return for Finishing School with lots of progress made on their quilts.

Here is Leanne's completed "Pemberley" in lovely shades of pinks, purples and soft tealy green.  She has fussy cut a very pretty border print for all her sashings and final border.  Very lovely.

As Leanne has now finished "Pemberley" she decided to work on her bright version of whack and stack "Rococo".  She finished it in class.

Kerry was working on her gorgeous "Rosings" on a green background.  My new word of the day was "yumcious"!

Michelle was going great guns on her "Florentine" she has just started:

Churn dash is my very favourite traditional block pattern.  It appears in lots of my designs!

Well done ladies.

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