Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fourth Jane Austen Finishing School Day

Today was the fourth day of Jane Austen Finishing School.  The ladies really are working hard to finish their quilts and have made lots of progress in the past week.

Here are some more photos of the beautiful work being done:

First is Pauline's very soft and Lacey "Pemberley" in pastel shades and fabulous fussy cutting.  Pauline says she is not a friend of her sewing machine so it was good I had time today to sew her wavy appliqué border on, at last it is getting bigger! I love Pauline's use of colour and her choices of cutting fabrics to make beautiful secondary patterns. Very delicate.

Next it is the "Robin Show" - she completed her hexagon frame border on "Longbourne" today and I was able to sew it on to the centre. Here it is laid out the floor first and then sewn.  It looks great!

This is Robin's completed and quilted "Netherfield".  It is really gorgeous, quilted by Veronica in a leafy pattern. It is a large medallion and will look stunning on Robin's bed.

Also by Robin and back from quilting with Veronica is her "Rosings" in magnificent colours.  The black background to her appliqué is very stunning.

Looking forward to the next instalment, ladies!

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