Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sewing at Home

I am happy to have a couple of days at home to do some stitching.

Whilst I love my hand applique, I mostly do this in the evenings.  My sewing machine is my friend during a day sewing at home!

I am making a new paper foundation pieced design from the "Pickle Dish" block.  This is a version of the Double Wedding Ring pattern but instead of plain or rectangular units in the arcs, the pickle dish has spikes: lots of spikes!

I am in production mode to make all the spikes in a colourwash of colours and fabrics using my favourite reproductions.  Nearly done...

These are already finished....

This is one completed block!  I am happy with how it looks.

I know summer is getting closer when all the roses are in bloom.  I found this gorgeous red rose outside Glenfield Uniting Church on Sunday.  Perfect.

I hope you get some stitching time.

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