Monday, 20 October 2014

Confetti Applique

I have received so many favourable comments on my "Tree of Knowledge" challenge quilt and requests to teach the technique, I have decided to make it into a new class.

(Just to let you know, this little quilt is only 8 inches wide by 13 inches long - some ladies have been surprised when they have seen it):

I have been very busy making a slightly larger and more ambitious project using the confetti applique technique.  I decided it would be perfect for an English cottage garden scene.

Some ladies already think I am crazy with some of the tiny hexagons and applique shapes I use - don't freak when you learn the squares on this piece are a quarter of an inch!

Here is a sneak peek of it so far.  More flowers and leaves on the hydrangea, I think....  Next is all the stitching.

Let me know if you are interested in this class.


  1. How I would love to do this class!! Are you also offering it up here in the mountains of NE Washington state near the Canadian border??? We would love it! Sigh........but fun to dream anyway! Love your work and blog

  2. I would love to teach in the USA - a bit far for a day workshop.... sorry.