Saturday, 30 August 2014

Whack and Stack Fans

Today I was teaching the first day of a weekend whack and stack class to make my "Marrakesh" quilt design featuring Dresden fan blocks.

It is always great fun to see all the different fabrics and the patterns and colours they make.

Here are some photos of the first blades laid out, always an exciting moment:

Then here are some Dresden fans after they were sewn together.  The first ones are by Iain who is using an amazing large chrysanthemum fabric in bright colours by Kaffe Fassett. 

These are by Kerry who won the award for most fans put together in class!  Ten in all.

These are by Kathy also using bold florals.

These were made by Tracey.  Lovely with small roses in pinks and oranges with small iris in blue.

This bold collection is by Kathy.  I think they look Elizabethan with their bold flower shapes on a black background.

These are by Colleen who is making the quilt for her grand daughter.  Pretty in pink, green and orange.

These are by Joan in amazing autumn tones of orange, green and gold.

I will report on more progress after tomorrow's class.

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