Monday, 4 August 2014

Introducing "Meryton" Classes for 2015

I will be teaching my sixth and latest Jane Austen quilt called "Meryton" at The Stitcher's Cupboard in Camden in a series of classes next year. The quilt will be taught over five workshops, a month apart.

This quilt features lots of English paper piecing and hand applique.  The centre is made from 3/4 inch hexagons forming a star shape.  Ladies will have the choice to commence this work before the first class to get a head start.

The background fabric to my quilt is a soft avocado green and the applique is a mixture of apricot/pink, deeper greens and browns.  I am looking forward to seeing the colour combinations selected by my students. 

There is the option of a Friday or a Saturday class. Please phone Kathy or Lindsay at The Stitcher's Cupboard to make a booking: (02 4655 8348).

Thanks to Veronica Appleyard for the magnificent quilting.


  1. I live in the USA, and just cannot get to your classes. Will you be publishing your pattern for sale in the States?

    1. Hi there. I am pleased to announce that the pattern for my "Pemberley" quilt will be available later in the year throughout the USA via Penny Rose fabrics. Stay tuned to my blog for more information.
      Regards, Katrina x