Friday, 8 August 2014

Jane Austen Quilt Class at Hobbysew Kings Park

I have been teaching an eager group of ladies my signature "Pemberley" quilt at Kings Park Hobbysew on the first Thursday of each month.

Jenny has joined the class as she is still working on her quilt.  Here is her magnificent centre:

Here are the corner heart flower blocks Jenny is now working on.  Her work is very precise and beautiful. Wow, these blocks look stunning!!!

Rosemary is just starting.  She is going to use her stash of gorgy oriental fabrics:

Michelle and Kerry had fun with their centre oval appliques. Michelle positioned her scallop shapes on the background and then played with the two centres - this is Kerry's on Michelle's scallops - looks great.

Here is Michelle's centre on Michelle's scallops - also looks lovely.

Great work ladies, happy stitching.

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